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Wait list instructions

Thank you for your interest in Aspen Leaf Preschool! There are two ways to add your child to the wait list: by mailing us a completed application with the application fee of $65, or submitting an application online and paying the application fee via PayPal. Instructions for both methods appear below. Considerable time and resources are required to administer the wait list and admissions and provide prospective families with tours, so the fee is non-refundable, even if your child ultimately does not enroll. Only one fee is required per family.

Aspen Leaf Preschool has two locations: in Hillcrest and North Park (coming Summer 2016). The preschool in Hillcrest serves children ages two to five. The preschool and nursery in North Park will offer infant and toddler care beginning at six months, as well as preschool for children ages two to five. If you are interested in only one location, make that location on the wait list. If you are open to enrolling at either, mark both. If you have a preference for one but are open to either, rank them accordingly.

Please understand that being on the wait list does not guarantee your child admission. Spaces at Aspen Leaf Preschool are limited, and admission to Aspen Leaf Preschool is discretionary. We consider a variety of factors in making the decision to offer a family admission, including availability (first and foremost), the child’s age, desired start date, position on the wait list, the family interview, and other factors. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, ethnicity, religion, family makeup, or orientation.

As soon as we know that a space is available (or will become available) for your child, we will contact you. You may check in periodically, but please understand that until we can offer your child admission, there will be no change in your child’s status on the wait list. We do not provide estimated start dates (not even “rough estimates”). We understand that families need to be able to plan and we are sympathetic to those concerns, but in the past we have provided “rough estimates” of start dates, and when a space did not become available by the estimated date, families were upset. It is now our policy not to provide a start date until that start date is guaranteed. Families may remain on the wait list for as long as they wish.

Should you have any questions, please email us: info@aspenleafpreschool.com.

Thank you,

Bridget & Howard
Owners, Aspen Leaf Preschool

Submit wait list application by mail

To join the wait list by mail, download a WAIT LIST APPLICATION and return it to us with the application fee of $65. When we receive your application form and application fee, we will email you a receipt. The application and application fee can be mailed to:

Aspen Leaf Preschool
3518 3rd Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103

submit wait list application online

Join our wait list by completing the form below. Clicking the submit button at the bottom of this form will take you to PayPal where you can pay the $65 wait list application fee online. If you cancel your transaction before paying the application fee, your application will not be submitted.

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 Hillcrest North Park

If you are open to both locations, but prefer one, please indicate which location you prefer

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Second Choice:  Full-time (Mon-Fri) Three days (Mon, Wed, Fri) Two Days (Tues, Thur)
Third Choice:  Full-time (Mon-Fri) Three days (Mon, Wed, Fri) Two Days (Tues, Thur)

Will your child be immunized on schedule by your desired start date? (required)
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Confirm that you have read and understand the wait list instructions
 I understand that joining the wait list does not guarantee my child admission to Aspen Leaf Preschool, and that the wait list application fee is non-refundable.

Your application will not be submitted until the wait list application fee is paid. You will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal, and we will email you a confirmation that your child has been added to the wait list.