Monthly tuition rates

Full-day / half-day
Full-time (Mon - Fri) 1440 / 990
Three days (Mon, Wed, Fri) 910 / 710
Two days (Tues, Thur)* 630

*We do not offer a Tuesday/Thursday half-day program because, in our experience, the children do not fully adjust to the classroom when they’re at school for so little time each week, and when so much time elapses between the days they are in school. Children value routines and familiarity, and often have difficulty establishing those routines with just two mornings each week at school. Without a strong connection to the school, teachers, and classmates, the children have difficulty developing an eagerness to learn because they don’t feel fully comfortable in the classroom, and the teachers have difficulty reinforcing lessons and values.

"Why do you charge more than other schools in the area?"


Put simply, our tuition is higher because our ratios are lower. As hard as it is to believe, our tuition rates have always been set as low as we can make them and still keep the doors open. Teaching preschool has always been Bridget's passion, and Aspen Leaf Preschool is more of a passion project than a business. We didn't open Aspen Leaf Preschool to make money--it might sound hokey, but we opened Aspen Leaf Preschool so Bridget could have a positive impact on as many children as possible. Bridget wanted to create a school based on her vision of what a preschool should be (and we all work hard every day to try to move the reality closer to her vision), and so we've always focused solely on quality, not affordability. A big driver of quality in a preschool is having the best teachers and the lowest ratios. Great teachers and low ratios, though, mean higher expenses, which necessitates higher tuition.


Sibling & active military: 10%